Nablus revisited

I really like Nablus and the group of students there.  They like selfies. They really like selfies. They don’t stand out in particular in this passion from the other groups, but they are more inventive. This was the first chair-enabled group selfie of the day.


Half of the group today were new to the workshops and no-one had done any homework. Wifi kept going in and out. And Amin forgot the cable for the projector, so when it came to watching the very helpful BBC Academy clip about ‘Filming on your smartphone’, 20 students had to crowd around a laptop.




Despite the obstacles, the 4 groups of 5 students decided on their story and started to map out how it might all happen. Storyboarding wasn’t nearly as enthusiastically engaged with as it was in the Al-Quds workshop, but it did the trick. They’ve now got a week to start production.


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