Deep ends

Week 2 started with the news that the filmmaker, who was to be working alongside me  to help the participants start translating their stories into films was, again, unavailable. Luckily, I’d spent Monday prepping (perhaps with this eventuality in mind ; ) and was feeling pretty confident by the time the Al Quds students were due at Sharek. Of course, this was soon revealed as only one of the challenges for the day. It turns out that many of the students who attended last week couldn’t come, couldn’t come until later, had exams, had to work, had to attend a CV workshop (run by Sharek in the same building, at the same time, go figure). And then there were the new students who couldn’t make the last session and couldn’t stay for all of this one.  Oh, and the fact that only one group of the 6 had actually decided what their story was.

Saying all that, it was actually a great day. The morning was spent going through the major tips for pre-production.

IMG_4914          IMG_4915

Then the fun began. I got everyone drawing storyboards for their story, and if they didn’t have one (as they claimed) they could do it for any story. The important thing was to start translating what was just an idea in their heads into a visual narrative.

IMG_4920      IMG_4922

One of the women had spoken of the story she wanted to tell but that she had no clue as to how to start thinking of it as a film.

IMG_4924.jpg                   IMG_4929

This exercise proved game changing for everyone. The room was abuzz with activity, the students were animated and seemed to suddenly find their stories, and I actually began to believe that this was all possible.



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