Panel discussion on ‘Concerning Violence’ (Göran Hugo Olsson, 2014)

A lively discussion ensued from the screening of the film Concerning Violence at MAC Birmingham on January 9th.  The panellists – Robert Beckford, Professor of Theology and Culture in the African Diaspora at Canterbury Christ Church College, Dima Saber, Senior Researcher in Media and Social Change in the Middle East at BCU, and Kehinde Andrews, Senior Lecturer in Sociology also at BCU – kicked things off by talking a little about their own work and raising their main thoughts on the film.

Olsson’s translation of Fanon’s work contrives a narrative around powerful archival extracts and voiceover by Ms. Lauryn Hill. The recurring themes of the discussion were, perhaps unsurprisingly, how the film navigated the tension between polemics and poetry, political sweep and historical precision, but listen to the recording and decide for yourself…

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