2015 Event @ University of Birmingham’s ‘Arts and Science Festival’

What: ‘Film and Human Rights: Local Stories and Bigger Pictures’ When: Wednesday 18th March 6.30pm Where: Muirhead G15, University of Birmingham 002 The evening will start with a showcase of short films on social issues and science fiction made by local pupils from Holte Academy in Lozells, in collaboration with Film Studies staff at the University. At 7.15, and after refreshments and a short break, we’re delighted to be able to screen the documentary Sons and Daughters of the Alarde (2013). The film looks at the difficulties faced by women who wish to participate in the Alarde (weapons parades) in the Bidasoa area of the Basque Country, and reflects the tensions in this region. The celebrations that run throughout the day of the Alarde serve as the backdrop to the conflict between those who favour the participation of women and those who oppose it. The director of the film, Jone Karres, will be present and will participate in an interview and Q&A with the audience, led by Rob Stone. Jone Karres works as a film critic for international press. The event is sponsored by the University of Birmingham and its research centre B-Film: The Birmingham Centre for Film Studies.

elkar673Jone Karres

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