What Is Democracy – Wed 17 Oct

What Is Democracy (2018) | Wed 17 Oct | 8pm | 106mins Suggested Rating: 12 | Language: English, English Subtitles Venue: mac Birmingham + Post screening Q&A with Director Astra Taylor and Chaired by Steve Hewitt (Political Historian, Birmingham University) & other special guests + Reception @ 7:00pm.   Featuring a diverse cast, including celebrated … Continue reading What Is Democracy – Wed 17 Oct

Berlinale 2017 highlight

I was lucky enough to catch Yance Ford's gripping documentary, Strong Island, during a brief visit to the Berlin Film Festival last weekend. The film is about his brother, William, who was killed twenty years ago but whose white murderer was never brought to trial, let alone to justice. There was a great review of it in The Guardian last month, … Continue reading Berlinale 2017 highlight

The entire week 1 of MOOC in 2 hours!

  Well, not quite. Obviously. All of Richard's and my industry from last year - polishing each article and discussion point for the 'Futurelearners' out there - distilled into 2 provocative questions and various group activities. Or not. Obviously.  So each day’s schedule is proving to be a work in progress. Planning is improvised but (quasi) affective. … Continue reading The entire week 1 of MOOC in 2 hours!