Ghost Town: Coventry Industry – Thu 18 Oct

Chrysler Dispute 1975.jpg

Ghost Town: Coventry Industry (2018) | Thu 18 Oct | 60min loop throughout the day
Suggested Rating: U | Language: English
Venue: Herbert, Coventry

Ghost Town traces how Coventry’s history persists as ghostly traces in the television archive: glimpses of people, places, stories and snapshots that have been captured and preserved. Through a number of civic screenings (or hauntings) Ghost Town unleashes the city’s ghosts and brings past, present and future Coventry into dialogue in the lead up to the City Of Culture year in 2021.

We will be showing a showreel called ‘Coventry Industry’ produced by MACE in collaboration with the Ghost Town project team. This reel draws on MACE’s rich archive of local television programming to tell the story of industrial dispute in the city between the early 1960s and the early 1980s.


Ghost Town general print.png

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