Beyond The Frontlines – Sun 21 Oct

9. BEYOND THE FRONTLINES - 21.10.18 - 1600:MAC.png


Beyond The Frontlines (2017) | Sun 21 Oct | 8pm | 113mins

Suggested Rating: 12 | Language: English, English Subtitles, Arabic, French.

Venue: Mac, Birmingham

Screening + Panel with Director, Dr Samah Jabr, Dr Ghada Karmi – a leading Palestinian activist, academic and writer, Chaired by Dr Marwan Darweish – Coventry University.


Embark on a journey across Palestine alongside Palestinian psychiatrist (and heiress to anticolonial psychiatrist Dr. Frantz Fanon), Dr. Samah Jabr and discover the resistance and resilience of a people affected by the invisible wounds of war and occupation.
Dr Samah Jabr is a wise and thoughtful woman. She reflects on the subtle, devastating effect on Palestinian people of years of brutal occupation. Alexandra Dols’ film shares her insights with us, generous, humane and deeply disturbing.
Please watch this film.
Ken Loach.




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