Island – Sun 21 Oct

8. ISLAND - 21.10.18 - 1600:MAC

Island (2018) | Sat 21 Oct | 4pm | 90mins
Suggested Rating: 15 | Language: English
Venue: Mac, Birmingham

+ Post screening Q&A with Director Steven Eastwood, Dr Anne Locke – Palliative Care Consultant, Sharon Hudson – St Mary’s Hospice, Chaired by Dr Michele Aaron – Warwick University.

Filmed over 12 months on the Isle of Wight, Island is a life-affirming reflection on the phenomena of dying, portraying the transition away from personhood and observing the last days and hours of life and the moment of death.

I wanted to be witness to the moment of death, because i felt that this was taboo in our society. I wanted to ask, why is that taboo, given that death happens every day and is as natural an event as birth? – Steven Eastwood, Director of Island.


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