Burning An Illusion – Sat 20 Oct

6. BURNING AN ILLUSION - 20.10.18 - 1500:MAC.png


Burning An Illusion (1981) | Sat 20 Oct | 3.00pm | 101mins

Suggested Rating: 15 | Language: English

Venue: Mac, Birmingham

Screening + Post screening Q&A with special guest and Star of the film, Cassie McFarlane, Dr Lisa Palmer (BCU), Pogus Caesar, Chaired by Roger Shannon.


Menelik Shabazz writes and directs this groundbreaking film about a young Black woman who has had enough of her job, her boyfriend and Thatcher’s Britain.


Shabazz neatly avoids trapping his main characters inside the bubbles…that suffocate most black figures in movies…nothing else quite like it has been made. – Ade Solanke, BFI Screenonline.



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