The entire week 1 of MOOC in 2 hours!


Well, not quite. Obviously. All of Richard’s and my industry from last year – polishing each article and discussion point for the ‘Futurelearners’ out there – distilled into 2 provocative questions and various group activities. Or not. Obviously.  So each day’s schedule is proving to be a work in progress. Planning is improvised but (quasi) affective. Amin and I arrive and the adventure continues.


Day two of the Tammyaz filmmaking workshops was spent with 25 students at the very impressive AAUJ, The Arab American University – Jenin. (Nablus is Saturday, I got it wrong.) Despite being told that there were no English speakers, there were actually more than on Tuesday. There were students doing Accounting, English and even Media, and they were a very lively, jokey, eager bunch: lots of discussion, laughter and…selfies.



Homework was set – to actually do some of the online course; to start or continue practicing filming with a smart phone; to decide in their groups what story they want to tell.  When we meet again next week, their ideas are going to start to translate into a simple narrative. That’s the plan anyway.  And we know what I said about planning.





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