Working hard to prepare SRFF 2016

Festival preparation is now in full power. We’ve hired a new administrator to help us with the preparations. Meet and greet Dana. She will be helping us with marketing, promotion and audience development, and everything else we need to build upon the success of the festival last year. 

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Dana – With only 70 days left until the start of the festival, I want to get everything right. To know me better and see how I’ll be supporting the festival, traces of my work can be found all over the internet. I’m a writing and cinema enthusiast, journalist and supporter of social justice and human rights. After finishing an MA in Audiovisual studies and Art journalism at VSMU Bratislava and an MA Professional Writing at Falmouth University, I embarked on a long journey to use my skills to help make the world a better place for everyone – either working as a freelance journalist or within the organisation of film festivals.

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I love working in communication and in administration for non-governmental or charity organisations. Just a few days ago I finished a one year project focused on helping immigrants in the South West and before that, I worked as a communication officer for NGO NECOFA in Kenya, enjoying the warm sun and a vibrant life in the city of Nakuru.

Right now, in the festival office, we are scheduling screenings, inviting directors, licensing films and developing our marketing strategies. Thank you everyone for being patient and we will be back soon with more updates and blog posts!

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